Morgan is our spicy little girl.  She is very smart and always two steps ahead of you.  Morgan was shown a few times and did well.  She has excellent conformation and dark eyes that melt you even when she has been naughty. Morgan's movement is so beautiful and we love to just set and 
watch her run and play.
We feel very lucky to co-own Morgan with Dynamite Boxers and to have such a beautiful girl living in our home with us.  She the smartest one here and teaches the others some of her good habits and then some of her oh so naughty habits.  Morgan is the Alfa here and everyone knows if she gives that look they better let her have her way.  I know she is mostly bluff.  Morgan is wonderful with puppies and with any other Boxer who comes to visit.  She always wants to take them outside to show them around like a little welcome wagon.  She is such a loving sweet mannered girl that is not only beautiful but had outstanding conformation and is sound in health and temperament. We would have loved to have shown her more but because of how flashy she is we decided to pull her and she is happy just being a couch potato and loves snuggling and being the boss of the Boxers. 

Morgan is now spayed and loves the simple life of laying around and bossing all the others. She is as sweet as ever and loves to have company. She is 9 years old now and starting to gray but she is still the big boss or so she thinks.

Health Testing

24 hour Holter ---2 single VPC's
T3- T4 Normal


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