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   Welcome to Reflection Boxers. We hope you will enjoy meeting our family and all of our Boxers. Bill and I live in Bishop California and our daughter's live in the Riverside area.
 We have two grown daughters, Two fantastic son-in-laws and four beautiful grand children. We all are Reflection Boxers. 
 We would love for you to take a few minutes and look at our family pages on this site. We are so proud of our human and four legged family. This is a boxer family totaling Ten between all three households, our boxers own us and are our family. 

  Our love and devotion for this breed began in 1985 when we fostered a deaf white male named Max for a couple of days while he was waiting to go to his new home.  Little did we dream how much he would change our lives and that Boxers would become such an important part of our family. We had seen boxers before and thought they were beautiful animals. Not until we had one living in our home for those two short days did we realize that we had to have a boxer and then found out that one is never enough. 

   We began to show in the conformation ring in 1999 and what a learning experience it has been.  Buster was our first Show Boxer, we all learned together.  Our daughter Kelly, is our handler and has done a fantastic job. It has been long hours that meant driving lots of miles and getting up early. All in all it has been worth every moment and every mile.  We were very fortunate and have made so many friends at ringside that share in our love for this breed. We are very thankful that they have helped us and given us encouragement along the way.  How wonderful it is to win and to see our friends boxers win and think, what a great day this has been !. Also we don't know what we would have done without all the mentoring we have received from our dear friend Ken Lau of Kenon Boxers. He is our friend and family member who has always been there to help us and given us positive reinforcement.  There is so much to learn and we are continually learning, our respect for this breed grows everyday. 

   We breed occasionally and will always strive to breed to better the breed. Our goal is to have boxers sound in temperament, health and conformation and to the boxer standard. Hopefully we will be seeing our future puppies in the ring either in conformation, obedience or agility. The very most important thing to us is that they are in a loving home where they will live their lives out being happy and making a wonderful addition to their family.

   Boxers can be so elegant, so proud and then turn around to be such crazy clowns. Even when we have had a hard day they bring a smile to our face and are always good for lot's of laughs. 
They win your hearts completely, always giving more then taking and will give you love in return like no other. Our lives will never be the same after having these sweet babies in our lives.  Our Boxers truly are a "Reflection" of our lives, we will always have Boxers as part of our family. 

     Hug your Boxer babies everyday and be so thankful for every moment you have the privilege to share with them. They are with us for such a short time !. Our babies that have passed away have taken our love and our hearts with them, we know they will be waiting for us at the bridge. There is not a truer friend then your boxer.

The Murray's - Bill, Sue, Carrie, Kelly.

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